About AprilApril is a speaker, educator, social advocate, and active community member. As founder and CEO of April Wright Consulting, she has created a dynamic enterprise that is devoted to empowering women of all diversities, bringing social, economic, educational, and spiritual justice. Through coaching, education, and counseling services our mission is to increase self worth, choices, access to opportunities and resources, control of our own lives, and influence the direction of social change.

April has expertise making internal and external changes by counseling at-risk youth, individuals, couples, and families. She helps clients make changes with a joint plan with short and long term goals, ensuring accountability, and maintenance of personal goals.

April is also an avid runner and enjoys living a healthy lifestyle.  Her interest in wellness kept her grounded, centered, and more at peace during uncertain times. Her spiritual time outdoors enabled her to process and understand her inner being and her connection to others.  Physical activity has kept her in enviable shape and grounded her internally and externally.

She carried the love of human health with her to college where she majored in dietetics learning how to properly nourish the human body. In conjunction with her physical fitness and nutrition education she also sought and found ways to evolve her intellectual and emotional well being through study in psychology and philosophy. The balance of these endeavors has enhanced mind-body connectivity allowing her to enjoy an uncommon state of personal maturity, serenity and an ability to give to others.

As her business is communication-driven she has worked rigorously to continually develop her skills, practicing, and honing these techniques each day interacting with clients. But effective communication can only be truly valuable if one takes the responsibility to ensure compassion and consideration are a part of every interaction and that each client comes away believing that they are receiving the best guidance available in their quest to seek their own specific goals.

April graduated Antioch University where she received her Masters in Clinical Psychology. She is combining her knowledge of Life Coaching and more in-depth study of the human psyche helping individuals and Corporate teams become more whole, Couples to connect and communicate, and children work through their traumas in play therapy.

She is also an active member of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist and speaks professionally at organizations, school systems, and in local communities.

Please email April to schedule her at your next speaking engagement, team meeting, or for reaching personal goals. April is here to help. Take the first step toward personal and professional empowerment by contacting April now.


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