Substantial Conversations


You’re Not the Boss of Me!

Learn to Speak with Conviction and Listen with Intention

Classes Begin Monday, September 17: 6:00 P.M. – 7:30 P.M

An exciting 8-week course exploring the wonders of speech and listening.

  • Learn how to stand-up to people who try to boss you around
  • Find out How to work with your boss so he/ she doesn’t take advantage of you
  • Discover affective ways to get your needs met
  • Obtain people’s attention, earn their confidence, and retain trust
  • Improve personal and professional communication
  • Create the ability to have deeper, more intimate, meaningful and satisfying relationships

There will be activities to thrill and challenge all who attend, so don’t miss out!

For more information, call 310-502-4944. Or visit our Web site at: http://www.therapywithapril.comand

Each class is $35.00 per person.


About helpingsoul

I am a California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is passionate about helping individuals, couples, and adolescents discover their inner wisdom for spiritual connection, empathic understanding, and insight. As a close connection with self and others manifests, you uncover tools for daily stress management, depression, communication issues, and substance/drug abuse. I utilize mindfulness and the individualized therapeutic relationship to help heal from trauma and bloom into the person and couple you were meant to become. I am conveniently located in West Los Angeles and via Skype. Please contact me to learn more at 424-258-5416 or email
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