Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is a collaborative working partnership and alliance between coach and client designed for the client’s benefit.  The Coach aids the client in setting and reaching goals, producing better results, acting more effectively with greater agility, and accomplishing more than is possible without the guidance of a Coach. Coaching can help create the client’s optimal life, provide insight and awareness to change old patterns, and offer hope. It opens doors for the possibilities of healthy options for change and a new lens through which to view one’s life and relationships. Coaching is the road to nourishing your mind, body, and spirit.

How can Coaching help?

Coaching can help break away defenses and internal negative thoughts that create misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and communication problems.

Coaching can help with weight lose and developing a healthy relationship with food.

Coaching can help make a plan and action for monetary gains.

Coaching can help define values, core meanings, and a definitive sense of self.

Coaching can help build effective communication skills for better personal and professional relationships.

Coaching can help with transition. Do you want to start a new career? Are you going through a divorce? Is there a new addition to the family; a baby, pet, step-child? Are you experiencing difficulty transitioning to motherhood? Are you newly married, remarried, or having difficulty adjusting to a new environment? A Coach can help!

Coaching can help make change easier, more efficient, and less painful.

Coaching can help motivate, initiate, and empower.

Let’s see what coaching can do for you! Feel free to contact me to find out more.


About helpingsoul

I am a California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is passionate about helping individuals, couples, and adolescents discover their inner wisdom for spiritual connection, empathic understanding, and insight. As a close connection with self and others manifests, you uncover tools for daily stress management, depression, communication issues, and substance/drug abuse. I utilize mindfulness and the individualized therapeutic relationship to help heal from trauma and bloom into the person and couple you were meant to become. I am conveniently located in West Los Angeles and via Skype. Please contact me to learn more at 424-258-5416 or email
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